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Audi Spares at Affordable Prices

In 1932, the motor companies Horch, Audi, DKW, and Wanderer were combined to form Auto Union. In years after that, the Audi name would disappear from the motoring annals for decades, only to re-emerge years later. By 1969, the company was called Audi NSU Auto Union AG and by 1985, it was shortened to just Audi AG. However, even during the ‘40s, the company was a 2-stroke and front-wheel drive pioneer and even though the former technology has been abandoned in the face of tightening emissions legislation, the latter has become the default drivetrain layout for all light cars today. Now, Audi is a highly successful premium brand selling nearly 2 million cars per year and many South African drive these popular cars. And Quantro Auto Spares can supply new and used spares for yours.

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New and Used Audi Spares

Premium-car ownership does not have to be debilitatingly expensive. Yes, you pay a lot of money if you buy all your parts brand-new through the official channels – but you don’t have to. We offer both new and used Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi spares. Think about it: how often do you actually need a brand-new part? Some parts are perfectly functional and serviceable used, like a hubcap, wing mirror, handbrake lever, or clutch pedal. Why would you pay for a new one if you could just buy a used one at a fraction of the price? The problem is finding these used parts.

At Quantro Auto Spares, you have that option. Pay less for used parts if you don’t need new ones. If you do, we sell new parts too. It’s the kind of choice we believe every motorist should have. However, if we cannot find a part, don’t despair. We have an expansive supplier network and we can often source a part from elsewhere, so enquire with us and let us see what we can do.

Other Services

Our service offering does not end with supplying new and used Audi spares. We also rebuild Code 2 (used) and Code 3 (written-off) vehicles, so having been in an accident does not have to be the end of the line for your car. In other cases, an engine or gearbox might have failed but a car is otherwise in great condition. For those people, we sell complete engines and gearboxes as well, so you can give your car a new lease of life. No need to relegate it to the scrap heap if you can just replace that engine or gearbox with a new or better one.

So, contact Quantro today for all the spares you’ll ever need to keep your Audi going.