Affordable BMW Scrapyard Spares

Finding Affordable Spares at One of the Best BMW Scrapyards in Gauteng

New BMWs are covered by warranties and maintenance plans, so owners rarely have to shell out for maintenance, servicing, and repairs. All these expenses are taken care of as part of the maintenance agreement that comes with buying a brand-new car. However, drivers and buyers of old models of which the warranty cover has long since expired have to turn to BMW scrapyards to find affordable spares for their cars. This is especially important because owning an old car does not mean that its parts are cheap – they may be as expensive or even more so than a new car’s.BMW Spare Parts - BMW M6 Engine - Quantro Auto SparesThis is often compounded by the problem of availability. The agents simply don’t sell parts for a 1996 BMW 740i and your only hope of finding spares for a rare old car like that is scouring the scrapyards. It is also the only way to keep an old car like that running on a budget, as spending a fortune on parts for a car that might be worth R50 000 would not make sense. However, what do you do if something really expensive fails, like an engine or gearbox?

Engines and Gearboxes Too

We are one of the few scrapyards that can sell you complete engines and gearboxes for old BMWs, Audis, and Volkswagens. The repair bill to fix a failed engine or transmission on such a car may run into the tens of thousands of rand; in fact, it can be more than the value of the car itself. It is therefore totally nonsensical in an economical sense to repair such an item. However, few scrapyards actually sell complete engines and gearboxes, which is why our service offering can be a lifeline for your old car with major mechanical problems.

Code 2 and 3 Rebuilds

Besides cheap spares and complete engines and gearboxes, we are one of the only scrapyards that also do rebuilds of Code 2 and 3 vehicles, giving many more people the opportunity to drive a sporty German car at far less than a new or even a used one would have cost. Browse the BMW section of our website to see which rebuilds we currently have on offer.

Quantro Auto Spares can meet all your needs if you are looking for cheap new or used parts or used engines and gearboxes – and we also rebuild cars. We offer these services for BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen. Contact us for more information today.