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4 Fun Facts For Audi Fanatics

If you’re a proud Audi driver, you’re probably aware of the industrial prowess of this powerhouse brand. Renowned for quality design, luxurious finishings, and high return value, they enjoy popularity worldwide, and spare parts remain in high demand. If you drive an Audi, particularly an older model, it’s essential that you have a reputable spares supplier at your disposal, and that’s where we come in at Quantro Auto Spares. We specialise in spare parts for Audi, Mini, VW, and Mini, and offer clients top-quality parts for an affordable price tag.

While we’re sourcing the parts and spares you need, you might enjoy the following fun facts about your favourite vehicle brand:

  1. Its founder studied under the famous Karl Benz

The founder of Audi, engineer August Horch, began his career under the guidance of Mercedes-Benz founder Karl Benz. He spent three years learning the tricks of the trade and the ins and outs of automotive design before fleeing the nest and starting his own venture, Audi. With this insight at his fingertips, he gleaned invaluable industry knowledge and practical training. Before embarking on an engineering career full time, Horch worked as both a blacksmith and in shipbuilding and thus his mechanical knowledge was vast.

  1. They are industry pros at crash tests

While modern technology uses dummies and innovative systems to conduct crash tests, Audi has been doing them for 75 years. Initially, they would roll vehicles, such as the F7, down hills to showcase (to an astounded audience) the safety of the vehicle. While the front of the car was pretty wrecked, the driver section of the cars’ remained largely untouched, thus reiterating the brand’s safety promise.

  1. Audi means to listen in Latin 

Prior to starting Audi, Horch started an automotive company with a partner named Horch and Cie. For these reasons, there were trademark laws against him using his name. Horch, when translated to English, meant ‘hear’, and so Audi, which means ‘listen’ in Latin, was born. This was a way for Horch to reference his name in the brand without using it explicitly.

  1. They plan to reach the moon 

This innovative brand has entered Google’s LUNAR XPRIZE competition, where scientists are invited to design a car that can drive on the moon’s surface for 500 meters. The brand has partnered with top scientists to create the Lunar Audi Quatro, and it is set to go to the moon in October of this year. Will they win the 30-million-dollar prize money? We’ll have to see but we believe they’ve got a pretty good chance!

Audi Parts

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