Audi Spares That Are Easy On Your Pocket

The Prices of Audi Spares Need Not Break the Bank

People seem to be somewhat wary of German cars that have high mileages under their belts and sometimes, the trepidation is justifiable. There is a reason why German cars have an indefinable quality that makes them drive so well and feel so solid – quite unlike anything on the road, their fans would argue. That reason is the solid, precision, under-the-skin engineering that goes into crafting them. However, with much complication also comes a greater probability of mechanical failure and if you have dreamt of owning an Audi, you must be able to source its spares affordably. And that means not at the agents.

While Audi has a sound reputation of building durable engines – as owners of cars with the classic 5-cylinder engine, as well as the durable 1,8 T, and 1,9 TDI engines will attest – there has also been a dollop of issues with regards to automatic gearboxes (notably the Multitronic CVT) and other types of complicated technology that need to be looked after well to last. So it’s certainly delightful to learn that there is a place in Gauteng where you will always be able to find reasonably priced new and used Audi spares – notably big-ticket items like engines and gearboxes as well, not just the trivial ones like mirrors, seats, wheels, body panels, and trim items.

What is great about that is that it takes a lot of the fear out of the purchase of an old German car like Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW (the three brands we cover at Quantro Auto Spares). If you feel like building a project car, you can no go out and look for that bargain and start restoring it. Many people look after their old cars lovingly and these cars may still be in excellent condition. But because they are no longer worth much, a major mechanical breakdown like a failed engine or gearbox can effectively write these cars off and then they are being sold by their owners at a bargain-basement price. You can snap up such a car in excellent condition, even if it is not running, and kit it out with an engine and gearbox from us – plus any other spares you need.

Because we sell new spares, as well as used ones from our scrapyard for Audi, VW, and BMW, we open up a world of possibilities that would otherwise not have been available to restore and keep some of these wonderful old German masterpieces running at a reasonable cost. Talk to us about your project car today.