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Audi is a well-known German automaker with a rich and storied history. This vehicle manufacturer has been producing vehicle since the early 20th century as four separate brands that later merged and became Auto Union – and then Audi. The development of their innovative Quattro all-wheel-drive system that was launched in 1980 and refined throughout the decades is what really thrust them into the public consciousness, not least thanks to their subsequent rally successes. If you are a proud Audi owner and in need of affordable parts, Quantro Auto Spares provides the solutions you have been looking for.

German mechanical engineering is renowned across the globe for its technology and quality and therefore, an Audi is built with the utmost attention to detail and optimal performance. They are popular choices in the market for luxury saloons, hot hatchbacks, and comfortable SUVs, both locally and internationally. Quantro specialises in Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen parts, providing a comprehensive range of solutions for drivers of these German cars.

Solutions for Audi Owners

Quantro Auto Spares offers new and used Audi parts for sale at fair prices. Should we not have a specific part in stock, we offer a Find a Part service that allows the customer to request a specific part from us. The process involves us sourcing the requested spare for your vehicle, taking that burden off your shoulders. If your Audi has been in an accident, we also offer a couple of solutions to assist you. First, we can buy your wreck and strip the vehicle for useable parts, which is an option for a vehicle that has been damaged beyond economical repair.

We also offer vehicle rebuilds for Code 2 and 3 vehicles, if you wish to rebuild your Audi after a nasty accident. If you are interested in an engine or gearbox swop, we offer the necessary parts and resources to accomplish that feat as well, so you can get rid of old engines and gearboxes and replace them with new or different versions to keep your Audi running. In conclusion, Quantro Auto Spares offers more than just new and used Audi parts for your vehicle. Our comprehensive service offering can take care of all your vehicle-part needs.

Quantro Auto Spares specialises in providing quality new and used parts for Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen owners. For more information, feel free to visit our premises in Pretoria West to have a look at our complete inventory of parts. Choose Quantro today and let us take care of your Audi.