New and Used Audi Spares at Great Prices

Audis have been on sale in South Africa for many decades and, for a long time during the ‘80s and ‘90s, many models were even manufactured here. One of the highlights was the C3 model Audi 400/500 (100/200 in Europe and 5000 in the US), which was the European Car of the Year in 1983. This was a landmark car for the brand in many ways and the head engineer of the project was none other than Dr Ferdinand Piëch, who would eventually become the CEO and later the Chairman of the Volkswagen Group. This car pioneered many technologies, including lightweight design techniques commonly used today and advanced aerodynamic features, like pin-located, flush side glass.

Spares for All Audis

At Quantro Auto Spares, we have spares for the C3 Audi 500 and all the newer ones too. Consider that the C3 was sold in South Africa for almost 10 years – with over a million sold worldwide – and one would understand why there are still quite a lot of them on our roads in need of parts. Take into account that this model also pioneered fully galvanised bodyshells in South Africa and that would explain why so many of them are still in good condition with hardly any rust. And we do not just have used spares – some of their parts are still available new.

This is a boon because the agents don’t support these cars anymore and you are resigned to scrapyards if you are looking for parts for your old 400 or 500. That we have, so you are welcome to have a look at all our used spares. In fact, you won’t just find the typical mirrors, seats, glass, trim and body panels at Quantro. We can put almost any old Audi right, even those which have suffered major mechanical failures because we also sell complete engines and gearboxes. Now you can restore your old model to its former glory – and any of the newer ones too!

Not Just Audi Spares

However, if you drive a BMW or Volkswagen, we can do exactly the same for you because we deal in parts of those two brands as well, not just Audi. And this is also true for engines and gearboxes, giving you the chance to restore your old car with more than just trim and body panels, but major mechanical parts as well. Visit us in Hermanstad, Pretoria, or phone us today.

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