Mini Parts

New and Used Audi, VW, BMW, and Mini Parts

Quantro Auto Spares is your supplier of car spares in Pretoria – but with a difference. First of all, we specialise in four brands, namely Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mini so, if you drive any of these brands, we can help. Second, we offer far more than just the normal used car parts that go with the typical scrapyard. We also sell new Audi, VW, BMW, and Mini parts, as well as entire gearboxes and engines. And still, it is not the whole story on our service offering because we also rebuild Code 2 and 3 cars. Talk about an all-in-one service! Let’s talk about each of these.

Mini Parts

Our 4 Specialist Brands

At Quantro, we love our German cars and we specialise in vehicles from the Volkswagen and BMW groups. In the case of the former, this means VW- and Audi-badged cars and in the case of the latter, BMW- and Mini-badged cars – and even though the latter is a British brand, it is owned by BMW and they use the same mechanical parts.

New and Used Parts

We give you several options to keep your car going on a budget. Whether it’s a bumper or mirror for your BMW, a steering wheel for your Audi, a windscreen for your VW, or a taillight for your Mini, we have both new and used parts at a substantial saving over what you would have paid at the agents. And why buy a new spare if a used one will do just fine?

Engines and Gearboxes

Sometimes you need more than just a part. The repair costs on a new BMW or Mini engine or gearbox that has failed may be so high that it is not worth it to fix it. So, we also offer large mechanical parts like complete engines and gearboxes, so you can replace yours – or even upgrade it with a better model if it is compatible with your car. This is just more proof that we believe in giving you options.


Last but not least, we rebuild Code 2 and 3 cars and sell them at a big saving over a new – or even used car. This is an opportunity for more people to drive the cars they love but cannot see themselves shelling out a huge sum for a new one.

People from all over Gauteng visit us in Pretoria West to get parts for their Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mini vehicles. Considering our comprehensive service offering, it is not difficult to see why.