Mini Spares

Mini Spares, Engines, Gearboxes, and Rebuilds

The original Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and launched in 1959. It was a packaging masterpiece and fitted four people into an impossibly small car with tiny, 10-inch wheels, virtually non-existent overhangs, and an engine bay so compact that only the only the BMC A-Series engine with its integrated gearbox sitting underneath it fitted into it – and then only with a side-facing radiator. The original was made until 2000, by which time its severely lacking safety features relegated it to the history books. BMW acquired the brand and launched the modern version of the car in 2001. As a result, many Mini spares are the same as BMW’s.

mini spares and parts

Whereas that 2001 Mini used a Chrysler-supplied Tritec engine and the 2006 generation adopted the Prince engine co-developed with Peugeot, the current model, launched in 2013, use all-BMW engines and mechanical parts. And that brings us to Quantro Auto Spares, your supplier in Pretoria of Audi, VW, and BMW parts and, because of the brand being owned by BMW, now also Mini spares. It simply made sense to bring the BMW affiliate under our umbrella, since they share drivetrains and a host of under-the-skin parts. As a reminder, VWs and Audis also share a lot of parts with each other.

More Than Just Parts

But Quantro is about more than just supplying new and used Mini spares because sometimes, you need more than a wheel, door trim, mirror, tailgate, or steering wheel. If something serious goes wrong with your car’s engine or gearbox, the labour costs may be prohibitive and it might make more sense to source a used gearbox or engine instead of paying to have the broken one fixed. In fact, this could determine whether a car deemed economical to repair at all. And we don’t stop there, either. We rebuilt Code 2 and 3 cars too, giving people an affordable opportunity to become the owner of a vehicle that would, otherwise, have been out of their price range, either new or used. Take a peek on our Mini page to see which rebuilds we have available.

We Buy Wrecks

If you need to get rid of a wreck, we can take it off your hands for a fair price. We are always looking for written-off cars to strip or rebuild. Visit our shop in Moot Street, Hermanstad, Pretoria and come see for yourself why we are your one-stop shop for Audi, VW, BMW, and Mini spares.