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Volkswagen truly is the “Car for the People” and nothing personifies the brand more than the classic Beetle that put normal Germans on wheels and continued in production for more than 60 years to the tune of over 21 million units. That tradition continues today with everyday VW cars being many people first-time, daily, performance, and family wheels. The top-selling passenger car models in South Africa have also for years been the Polo and Polo Vivo models. Volkswagen has truly become a household brand all over the world and the Volkswagen Group is today the largest automaker in the world.

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Spares for Your VW

People are always looking to save a bit of money on their car maintenance and unfortunately, buying new spares through the official channels for your car is always the most expensive solution. That is where Quantro fills a gap in the market, offering new VW spares at excellent prices and also offering people the option of buying a used spare when it is simply not necessary to buy a new one. Some used parts like a windscreen or wheel can be bought used at a fraction of the cost and still offer years of service.

Giving Your Car A New Lease of Life

Things go wrong and then we think it is the end of the line – but it doesn’t have to be. Has your car been damaged in an accident and is it too old to be economically repaired? Have you had an expensive gearbox or engine failure that can only be put right at great cost? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider that we do not only sell new and used VW spares, but we also rebuild Code 2 and Code 3 cars to give them many more miles on the road. Besides that, we also sell complete engines and gearboxes, so your car that has experienced a major mechanical failure can probably be put back on the road for far less than that official quote for a new engine or gearbox will lead you to believe.

We’ll Find Your VW Spares

If we cannot put your Volkswagen right with the correct part, we might know someone who can supply it. Give us a try and let us find those hard-to-find spares that you need to get your car going again. With such a complete range of services for Volkswagens, Audis, and BMWs, your German car can be going strong again in no time. Talk to us about it today before bidding it farewell. Maybe we can breathe new life into it.