Our Selection of Audi Spares

A Huge Selection of Affordable Audi Spares

Audi has always had a pioneering spirit, from its earliest Auto Union days with its technically advanced 2-stroke, front-wheel-drive (FWD) cars. Audi did FWD before most of its rivals and engineered an ingenious FWD powertrain in the ’70s that places the engine longitudinally ahead of the front axle and gearbox. This enabled them to use the same layout for what was arguably their most famous invention: quattro all-wheel drive (AWD). The engine and gearbox of the FWD Audi remained in situ and drive was simply taken off the rear of the gearbox via a propshaft to the rear wheels and voila, you had AWD. They use this AWD layout to this day and at Quantro, we offer a range of new and used Audi spares for both the FWD and AWD cars.

When quattro was launched in 1980, it wasn’t the first AWD layout for passenger cars but it was the one that popularised the technology on the mass market and the cars quickly became very popular not just for their performance credentials and handling, but also for their secure traction in countries that experience snow in winter. In South Africa, quattro is associated more with the brand’s performance S and RS models. Audis sell in healthy numbers in South Africa, its A3 and A4 passenger cars and Q3 and Q5 crossovers being the most popular. We sell affordable spares for all these popular models.

New and Used

And we don’t just sell used Audi spares, but new parts as well, both at extremely competitive prices. This gives you a viable alternative to the new parts available through the official channels and, best of all, the option to buy used when you simply don’t need and expensive new part. A used grab handle is as good as a new one but costs a lot less! If we cannot find the Audi spares you are looking for, complete the “Request Parts” web form on our website and we will track them down for you elsewhere and let you know once they have arrived. But that’s not all. We also sell complete engines and gearboxes, so you can get your Audi up and running again, even after a major mechanical failure. No need to scrap the entire car if it’s in good condition and only needs an engine or gearbox. Last but not least, we also rebuild Code 2 and 3 vehicles.

As you can see, Quantro is about far more than just selling you Audi spares. Give us a call today!