Audi Scrapyard Parts

Parts Galore at Our Audi Scrapyard Some people avoid German cars because they think they will simply become unaffordable to maintain as they get older. They might have a point if they only buy brand-new spares from the agents. But most of them don’t realise that they...

VW Scrapyard Treasures

Visit Our VW Scrapyard for A Treasure Trove of Used Volkswagen Spares Volkswagens are extremely popular in South Africa, what with the Polo and Polo Vivo fighting it out for the top spot amongst new-cars sales every month and the also-rans left to vie for the distant...

Audi Scrapyard in Pretoria

Visit Our Audi Scrapyard in Pretoria Since its reinvention as a standalone luxury brand in the 1990s, Audi has gone from strength to strength. Today it is one of the foremost premium automotive brands in the world and has been a pioneer in many market-leading motoring...

Spares For Your Audi

Not only do we sell used Audi spares, but we have a range of new ones too, at markedly lower prices than the official channels.

Affordable Used Audi Parts

We sell used VW, BMW & Audi parts. And we won’t just be able to supply the odd wing mirror or instrument cluster, but even complete engines & gearboxes.

VW Spares And Much More

Right here in SA, Gauteng is ably catered towards VW spares by Quantro. From our base in Pretoria West, we sell a huge selection of new & used VW spares.

Our Selection of Audi Spares

If we cannot find the Audi spares you need, complete our web form and we will track them down for you elsewhere and let you know once they have arrived.

New & Used VW Spares

Quantro fills a gap in the market offering new VW spares at excellent prices and also offering people the option of buying a used spare when it is simply not necessary to buy a new one.

Affordable Audi Spares

We offer both new and used Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi spares. Think about it: how often do you actually need a brand-new part? Contact Us Today.

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