VW (Volkswagen) Spare Parts

VW Spare Parts and Rebuilds in Pretoria Volkswagen is German for “the people’s car” and that is what the original Beetle was. While the brand has greatly diversified and is today the custodian of more than 10 other brands, the core VW marque has remained the...

VW, BMW, MINI and Audi Spares and Parts

All the New and Used VW, BMW, MINI, and Audi Spares and Parts You Have Been Looking For German cars are great to drive but they are not accessible to everybody. For starters, they are expensive to buy new, putting them out of the financial reach of a lot of people. Of...

Mini Parts

New and Used Audi, VW, BMW, and Mini Parts Quantro Auto Spares is your supplier of car spares in Pretoria – but with a difference. First of all, we specialise in four brands, namely Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mini so, if you drive any of these brands, we can help....

Mini Spares

Mini Spares, Engines, Gearboxes, and Rebuilds The original Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and launched in 1959. It was a packaging masterpiece and fitted four people into an impossibly small car with tiny, 10-inch wheels, virtually non-existent overhangs, and...

VW Spares & Parts

VW Spares, Gearboxes, Engines, and Rebuilds VW sells more than 6 million cars worldwide per year and is a top seller in South Africa too, with its Polo and Polo Vivo models battling each other for the top spot month after month. It stands to reason then that, with so...

Audi Spares That Are Easy On Your Pocket

It’s delightful to learn that there is a place in Gauteng where you will always be able to find reasonably priced new and used Audi spares. Contact us today.

All VW Spares Except Currywurst

New and Used Spares for All VWs Can you guess the Volkswagen part? It is an Original Volkswagen Part with the part number 199 398 500 A. It is the most-produced of all VW spares, to the tune of 7 million per year. In fact, the automaker makes more of these parts per...

Cost Considerate Audi C3 Spares

New and Used Audi Spares at Great Prices Audis have been on sale in South Africa for many decades and, for a long time during the ‘80s and ‘90s, many models were even manufactured here. One of the highlights was the C3 model Audi 400/500 (100/200 in Europe and 5000 in...

Pretoria BMW Spare Parts

We offer a comprehensive service, making it no wonder that BMW, Audi, and VW owners flock to us for our affordable new and used spare parts.

Affordable BMW Scrapyard Spares

Few BMW scrapyards sell complete engines & gearboxes, which is why our affordable service offering can be a lifeline for your old car’s mechanical problems.

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