Replacement VW Parts

A Car for the People

Volkswagen is a German automaker that had its beginning as the maker of the famous Beetle. “Volkswagen” means “car for the people”. They stayed true to this name throughout the decades of manufacturing the Beetle since 1938 and the “bug” became one of the most iconic – and popular – vehicles to ever grace the road. The concept was simple, and the car was unexpectedly successful. The VW Beetle was one of the first vehicles to feature a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine with rear-wheel drive. Its novel layout required the development of many special parts and the car was a thoroughly modern alternative to its many staid rivals.

Putting the mechanical parts and drive wheels in the back made for a simple drivetrain layout and lots of interior space. Modern FWD vehicles use a similar concept, with all their drivetrain parts mounted in front for a similar result. The Beetle did not require much attention or parts replacements either, because it was durable and broke down far less than its rivals at the time. More than 21 million classic VW Beetles were sold during a career spanning 65 years from 1938 to 2003. Many are still on the roads and their parts are still in demand.

Stylised VW

Looking at the modern VW, we find that Volkswagen has always stayed true to their customers by selling cars for the people. Their range of hatchbacks is ideal as daily drivers and extremely popular. VW also offers a sensible selection of sedans and SUVs and whether it is a brand-new or a pre-owned Volkswagen, most people in South Africa has owned at least one of them at some point in their lives. The Golf and Polo models are prime examples of quality daily drivers, and the Polo is the most popular car in South Africa at the moment.

Should you be the proud owner of a Volkswagen and need replacement VW parts, Quantro Auto Spares can help. We offer a comprehensive selection of new replacement VW parts for your vehicle. We also do rebuilds of code 2 and 3 vehicles, along with stripping damaged vehicles for salvageable parts. We can provide complete engine and transmission replacements for your VW as well.

Quantro Auto Spares is in Pretoria-West, so we are easy to get to if you live in Gauteng. Our webpage displays our current inventory of vehicles being stripped for parts. For more information, feel free to visit our shop, or contact us directly about VW parts for your people’s car.