Spares For Your Audi

New and Used Spares for Your Audi

Audi is a storied German automotive brand who has brought us the first mass-produced all-wheel-drive production car in 1980 and has continued to set racetracks ablaze across the globe with its many motorsport victories. Besides 5-cylinder engines, turbocharging, and Quattro all-wheel drive, the brands with the four, interlinked rings is also known for producing top-quality cars with solidly constructed, high-tech interiors and understated, classic styling. They are very good to drive too, but you pay for such excellence, hence their premium pricing.

However, premium brands tend to depreciate more heavily, so there are plenty of older, used Audis out there for excellent prices. But there is a catch. Old and cheap the car might be, but new and expensive the spares will be you have to buy from the agents to keep it going. This is a bit of a problem – and it can be financially ruinous. Your purchase might have cost you a tiny city hatchback’s price but the ongoing maintenance won’t – unless you can find a supplier where you can buy affordable Audi spares. Quantro is that supplier.

Spares and Rebuilds

Not only do we sell used Audi parts, but we have a range of new ones too, at markedly lower prices than what the official channels charge for their new parts. And we don’t just supply the small parts necessary for services and minor repair work. We can even supply you with complete engines and gearboxes. Often, a major mechanical failure on a German car may be far too expensive to fix and a new engine or gearbox is out of the question without over-capitalising on the car. That is where a used engine or gearbox can save the day.

Not only that, but we also completely rebuild Code 2 and 3 cars, so we can bring a dead Audi back to life and put it back on the road for someone new to enjoy for many years to come. There is no reason why damage that can be fixed or an engine or gearbox that has expired should preclude a car that is perfectly good otherwise to have a new lease on life. At Quantro, this is what we are good at and we don’t only do it for Audi, but for BMW and Volkswagen too.

So, when it comes to everything to get a stranded Audi going again, from new and used spares to complete rebuilds, we are your first port of call. Talk to us today about your car.