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German cars are great to drive but they are not accessible to everybody. For starters, they are expensive to buy new, putting them out of the financial reach of a lot of people. Of course, they are extremely commonplace second-hand and you can get one at virtually any price point, depending on how old you are willing to go. The problem with buying used is that there is no motor-plan coverage anymore and you are responsible for maintaining and repairing your vehicle as necessary. This is where the problem comes in.

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High Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost of a VW, BMW, MINI, or Audi does not necessarily decrease as it ages and loses its value. New parts from the agents still cost what they would cost for a new model and if your vehicle is getting on a bit and has shed a lot of its value, it might feel like over-capitalisation to spend a fortune on maintenance and spares. In fact, a big bill could easily be the total value or more of a relatively elderly German car. You need options. You need a one-stop shop where you can buy new and used spares for these brands at affordable prices. But that is not enough. What happens if you don’t just need minor parts like mirrors and seats, but an entire engine or gearbox?

Engines and Gearboxes Too

Repairing a failed transmission or engine can be so prohibitively expensive that it is not worth it. That is why Quantro Auto Spares not only sells the normal parts and spares for your VW, BMW, MINI, or Audi, but also complete transmissions and engines. Now you have the opportunity to keep your older car going at a realistic price and you might even be able to install a better engine or gearbox if it is compatible with your vehicle. A failed engine or gearbox no longer needs to spell the end for your VW, BMW, or Audi. Or Mini, for that matter, since this brand also falls under the BMW umbrella.


Finally, we can sell you rebuilt Code 2 and 3 VWs, BMWs, MINI, and Audis. This puts an even larger proportion of great German cars within the financial reach of even more people. Buy your vehicle and get all the parts and spares – from a door trim to an engine – at Quantro.