VW Scrapyard Treasures

Visit Our VW Scrapyard for A Treasure Trove of Used Volkswagen Spares

Volkswagens are extremely popular in South Africa, what with the Polo and Polo Vivo fighting it out for the top spot amongst new-cars sales every month and the also-rans left to vie for the distant third place. It’s been like this for years and local roads are awash with People’s Cars, from the humble classic Beetle and ubiquitous Citi Golf to the modern crop of Polos, Golfs, Jettas, and Tiguans, to name only a few. These cars are also hardy and can run for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. And now, owners can keep their cars running for less with our VW scrapyard offering them a vast selection of used spares.

New and Used

But wait, there’re more to Quantro than just used spares. Besides our VW scrapyard, we also sell new Volkswagen spares, as well as spares for BMWs and Audis. Many people sell their old cars that are no longer worth much because it simply becomes too expensive to maintain them if they have to pay the prices that the agents charge for new parts. All they are looking for to give their old Volkswagen a new lease of life is a place where they can buy new spares at lower prices – and the freedom of choice to opt for used spares if they want to. Who needs a brand-new hubcap or wing mirror if you can buy a perfectly good used one for a fraction of the price?

Not Just Parts

However, unlike many other VW scrapyards, we do not only sell the normal parts you typically need to keep your Volkswagen going. We also sell complete engines and gearboxes, so you can even attend to those big mechanical failures – the ones that are so expensive to fix that it is not worth the money, or costs more than an old Volkswagen is worth. A serviceable used gearbox or engine could give your car thousands of pleasurable kilometres yet. As you can see, you can get basically anything or your Volkswagen from our VW shop and scrapyard. Lastly, we sell rebuilds of Code 2 and 3 cars, so you can have the pleasure of driving a Volkswagen at a price you might never have been able to afford it you had to buy it new or even as a used car.

If you cannot find a part for your Volkswagen in our VW scrapyard, we can also look for it elsewhere in our supplier network, so don’t despair! Instead, visit Quantro Auto Spares in Pretoria West for everything you need for your Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW.