VW (Volkswagen) Spare Parts

VW Spare Parts and Rebuilds in Pretoria

Volkswagen is German for “the people’s car” and that is what the original Beetle was. While the brand has greatly diversified and is today the custodian of more than 10 other brands, the core VW marque has remained the quintessential people car, especially in the case of high-volume sellers like the Polo and Golf. Interestingly, and indicating the global shift in buying tastes, the Tiguan crossover SUV has recently become Volkswagen’s top-selling model worldwide. Right here in South Africa, the Polo and its Polo Vivo sibling are the most popular passenger cars on the market. Thankfully, VW spare parts are just as plentiful as the cars.

VW Spares - Quantro Auto Spares

Watch Where You Buy Your VW Spare Parts

When your Volkswagen is still brand-new, this is simple. You have to maintain it with and buy your spare parts from the VW dealership to retain your warranty. If it is covered by a motor plan of some kind, services for a set period and even some other maintenance may initially be free too. However, what when the warranty cover runs out? The official channels are also the most expensive and this is where Quantro comes in with our alternative to buying your VW parts from the agents. We also sell new spares – but we give you the option of used parts too, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your older car on the road.

More Than Spares

Many scrapyards sell the normal parts like glass, trim, and other minor mechanical parts. But sometimes a perfectly good car can suffer a catastrophic mechanical failure that ruins the engine or transmission. Such repair work can be so expensive that it can render an older car uneconomical to repair. That is why, at Quantro, we also sell complete transmissions and engines that still have lots of life in them left. This can be the difference between a written-off Volkswagen and one that keeps on going for several years still with its new heart. You could even upgrade to better compatible engines and gearboxes.

Last but not least, we also rebuild Code 2 and 3 VWs, Audis, BMWs, and Minis to give many more people access to great cars that might have been too expensive for them to buy otherwise. Clearly, Quantro Auto Spares is all you will ever need if you want to buy a Volkswagen and maintain it with affordable spare parts.