VW Spares & Parts

VW Spares, Gearboxes, Engines, and Rebuilds

VW sells more than 6 million cars worldwide per year and is a top seller in South Africa too, with its Polo and Polo Vivo models battling each other for the top spot month after month. It stands to reason then that, with so many Volkswagens in circulation, VW spares will be in high demand – and they are. However, not everyone is keen on paying the prices the agents charge, especially if they want to keep their car running on a budget and/or it is an elderly vehicle that they do not want to overcapitalise on. Affordability is, therefore, key.

This is where we come into the picture. We sell new Audi, BMW, and VW spares at bargain prices – cheaper than they cost at the agents. But that is only the beginning because we believe in giving our customers a choice. It is certainly not a case of taking new parts or leaving it because we also have a scrapyard and sell used spares for those times when a new spare is simply unnecessary or needlessly expensive. Who needs a brand-new piece of trim, body panel, or quarter light on a 1988-model car? You can save a lot of money by buying used in such cases.

But our services extend well beyond supplying new and used VW spares; in fact, we offer anybody a chance to make their motoring dreams come true. There are several ways to acquire your wheels and buying a used car is just one of them. We also professionally rebuild Code 2 and 3 cars, so you can gain ownership of an upmarket model for far less than you might imagine. A soundly repaired car can give you an ownership experience akin to a far more expensive new or used one that would otherwise be beyond your budget.

Last but not least, we offer recourse for people with Volkswagens that have suffered major mechanical troubles, like failed engines and gearboxes. In the case of many an older car, such expensive problems may be sufficient cause for a car to be deemed unfit to fix and it would, consequently, be written off and sold to a scrapyard. However, we sell not only common VW spares but also complete engines and gearboxes to give your Volkswagen a new lease of life. Why write off a car in superb condition simply because of a duff engine? Now you don’t have to. Speak to us about your options today.