VW Used Spares Scrapyard in Pretoria

Used Spares for Your VW at Our Scrapyard in Pretoria

Volkswagen is one of the most beloved motoring brands in the world. From its humble beginnings as the classic VW Beetle launched in 1938 – the most-sold car in history – to the modern sophistication of the Golf, Polo, and other models, VW cars are extremely popular. Being the most mainstream and affordable of the Volkswagen Group’s German brands, and therefore also selling in the greatest numbers, a VW gives you much of what people love about German premium brands, but at a lower price. In terms of quality and driving refinement, Volkswagens just always seem to be at the top of the class. And now you can maintain your people’s car cheaply at our shop and scrapyard.

VW Scrapyard - Quantro Auto Spares

Even though it is regarded as a mainstream brand, VW parts are still quite expensive when bought through the official channels, just like all cars’. If you want to maintain your Volkswagen on a budget, you will pay less for Quantro Auto Spares’ new Volkswagen spares than for that of the franchised agents. We also give you a choice to opt for used spares, so visit us in Hermanstad, Pretoria West and take a walk through our scrapyard to find what you are looking for. Used spares is a great way to keep an old banger going without over-capitalising on expensive spares.

The Big-Ticket Parts Too

And while you can get the odd mirror, hubcap, window glass, steering wheel, or door in our scrapyard, we have not forgotten those big-ticket expenses that are often the death knell of a German car – a failed engine or gearbox. Paying between R50 000 and R100 000 for a brand-new engine at the agents is not unusual and this can be the value of your entire car, many times over. But besides our scrapyard parts, Quantro also sells complete engines and gearboxes at excellent prices, so you can keep your VW going. You can even upgrade to a better engine or gearbox if it is compatible with your car.


Lastly, we also rebuild Code 2 and 3 cars, so you can get an entire car at far less than what a similar model would cost on the used-car market. Now you can get any VW you love and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. And once you have it, we can supply the new parts you need for it via our shop and the used parts via our scrapyard. Either way, Quantro has you covered.