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Four Ferocious Facts About BMW

The statistics speak for themselves; South Africans are truly and utterly besotted with BMW’s powerhouse automotive brand. In fact, a 2020 report by Autotrader noted that there are an astounding 50 million online searches for the brand alone. This makes up a whopping 12.2 % out of all vehicle brand searches and showcases its unwavering popularity. As such, it makes sense why quality BMW spares are in such high demand. Known for its durability and reliability, this brand has stood the test of time and are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. This is why the team at Quantro Auto Spares is so passionate about them!

Whether you are a BMW fundi with decades of experience in the driver’s seat or a novice interested in exploring the delights of this brand, these fun facts are sure to entertain!

1. BWM initially designed aircraft engines: Yep, you heard right. What is now one of the leading car brands on the planet began as an aircraft engine designer. However, after the war and Germany’s signing of a treaty that prohibited the construction of warplanes, they moved to motorcycles and then their famous cars.

2. Their head office is designed to mimic a BMW engine: Amazingly, the brand’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, has been architecturally designed to mimic the shape of their engines, with the four towers symbolising the cylinders in the machine. Added to this, visitors can enjoy the BMW museum next door and learn about the brand’s extensive history.

3. The logo retains mystery: Even BMW fanatics are not entirely sure what the logo symbolises, and thus to this day, it is still shrouded in mystery – making it all the more appealing. Some believe it is an aeroplane propeller and others think it might be an ode to the brand’s hometown flag.

4. They developed an electric car in 1972: This fantastic electric car made its debut at Munich’s Olympics, and a specialised electric engine created by BOSCH was used instead of the manual gearbox. The brand thus kept its finger on the pulse with innovations in automotive technology and always sought to push the pedal concerning their creations.

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