Used BMW Parts

Quality Used BMW Parts BMW is a German vehicle brand that has stood the test of time. As such, many BMW vehicles dating from the late eighties to present are to be found on South African roads. But what if your German-brand vehicle breaks down because of a worn...

VW, BMW, MINI and Audi Spares and Parts

All the New and Used VW, BMW, MINI, and Audi Spares and Parts You Have Been Looking For German cars are great to drive but they are not accessible to everybody. For starters, they are expensive to buy new, putting them out of the financial reach of a lot of people. Of...

Pretoria BMW Spare Parts

We offer a comprehensive service, making it no wonder that BMW, Audi, and VW owners flock to us for our affordable new and used spare parts.

Affordable BMW Scrapyard Spares

Few BMW scrapyards sell complete engines & gearboxes, which is why our affordable service offering can be a lifeline for your old car’s mechanical problems.

We Are Your Supplier of New and Used BMW Spare Parts in Pretoria

New BMW spare parts are very expensive when bought from the agents, but this is not a problem for the average driver of a new car, because these items are covered and paid for under the provisions of the car’s warranty and maintenance plan. It is, therefore, rarely...
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